We Do Not Buy. We Do Not Sell. We Do Not Rent Timeshare.


Your Exit Strategy

Over the years our consultants have met with thousands of timeshare owners, all have very similar stories. Maybe you were seeking a better vacation lifestyle, you were promised gifts for attending a “90 minute presentation” or you were sold on the “great investment” and the idea of being able to travel anywhere you wanted to go whenever you wanted to go. You’ve probably run into situations where you haven’t been able to use your ownership due to scheduling conflicts, availability issues, or other changes in your lives. Have you ever asked yourself “Why are we paying all these crazy fees and not even using it?”

If you have… you certainly are NOT alone.

When you became an owner you never expected your maintenance fees to rise. You probably thought that once you were done using your property you would be able to sell it an recoup your costs. Maybe you have even been approached by someone calling to say “we already have a buyer lined up” and all you have to do is pay the upfront listing fee, only to find out that the buyer never really existed.

Regardless of your situation, Resort Advisor’s Inc is here to help you out. Even if you are a happy timeshare owner we have important information that you can walk away with, without spending a dime. We have already helped thousands of owners and their families get out of their timeshares. Our services are 100% guaranteed. Contact us today so that you can avoid paying more maintenance fees, special assessments or association dues ever again. Exit-Strategy-1